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Electricity runs homes, businesses, and the world in general. It is hard to imagine how life would be without it. However, electricity is quite dangerous, and therefore, the importance of professional electricians cannot be overemphasized. When you face electrical issues in your homes and business, these heroes are willing to take the risk of handling electricity on your behalf with the aim of solving your problem. If you need the services of a dependable electrician in Fleetwood, MK Electrical is an excellent choice. Some of the services we are best known for include:

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Experts in any domestic electrical needs from general maintenance to full rewiring


For any domestic electrical need
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We have the quality, know how and experience to tackle any commercial job


Our experts can carry out any commercial electrical work
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Our accredited electricians can inspect your home or property


Get your property inspected by the professionals
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Working at height

We have all the training and experience to do any electrical job working from height

Working at Height

For any electrical work at height
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Fire Safety

MK Electrical electricians are experts at getting your property fire safe

Fire Safety

For homes, for business, for fire safety
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In addition to being fully licensed, we have many years of experience in the industry. Our business has been in operation for over 20 years, and there is no known electrical challenge we haven’t dealt with. Therefore, no domestic or commercial electrical challenge is too complex for us. As such, no matter how big or small your commercial or domestic electrical issue might seem, you can count on us to offer an efficient solution.

Fully Licenced & Insured

Installing or repairing electrical systems in homes and businesses is not easy. It takes many years of training and practice to get it right. This is why electrician services providers are strictly regulated. For anyone to work as an electrician in the UK, they need to be fully licensed. AT MK Electrical, all our technicians are fully licensed, meaning they have undergone the necessary training to do the job professionally. It also implies that their theoretical and practical knowledge has been tested thoroughly, and therefore, we have what it takes to solve any electrical issues in your home or business.

As mentioned above, dealing with electrical problems is one of the most dangerous jobs you can think of. As such, you need to ensure that whoever is handling the job is adequately insured. If you make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed electrician to help you fix an electrical issue in your home or business, you will be at risk of suffering significant financial losses if they get seriously injured while doing a job on your property. We understand that this is a scenario you do not want to deal with, and therefore, we are well insured to ensure that our clients are protected against any financial losses should our technicians get hurt in the line of duty.

We're Insured

At MK Electrical, we understand that although products and services can be duplicated, a great customer culture cannot be imitated. This is why in addition to ensuring that we are good at solving electrical challenges, we are focused on ensuring that our customers are happy with our services.

We are also interested in building long-term relationships with our domestic and commercial clients, and therefore, we are willing to listen to you, understand what challenges you are, and work closely with you to come up with efficient, lasting electrical solutions. In a nutshell, we have highly responsive and professional customer service professionals always willing to listen to you and provide a solution to any electrical challenges you are facing.


As you can see, when you have an electrical issue on your residential or commercial property in or around Fleetwood, MK Electrical is the most reliable electrician services provider to consult. We have over two decades of experience, and you can trust us to handle the issue professionally and safely. Feel free to call us today to arrange when we can have a free visual survey.